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Carpet Cleaners

Despite the fact that wood floors are currently popular, many people still have areas of carpeting that need to be cleaned often. Whether you have a shag carpet or a berber, we can clean it so there are no germs left. Our carpet cleaning service has a lot of return customers, so we have excellent references. You may have a carpet cleaner spray a solution onto your carpet to absorb dirt and then vacuum it up. If you have a carpet that has a stain resistant warranty, be sure you have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis to abide by the rules of the warranty. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning uses steam that can stretch your carpet and soak your floors underneath.

Children with asthma need very clean air to breath, so let us eliminate potential hazards lurking in the carpeting. Our Spotless dryclean process uses anti-bacterial agents that smell like citrus and leave your carpet fresh. Solid wood floors are easier for most people to clean, but we can come in and sanitize them for you. Home steam cleaners for your carpet are not the best way to clean if you want your carpet to last for you.