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Spotted Carpet Cleaning

If you think your carpets are not dirty, you are probably mistaken. Keeping your carpet vacuumed and professionally cleaned each year will help keep your family healthier than having dirty carpets. We are a trustworthy company that offers a satisfaction guaranteed promise on our work, so call us today to clean your carpets. We leave your carpets clean and anti-static because of the cleaning products we use. When your kids go out to the playground, they bring a lot of extra dirt back and into your carpet.

We offer a pet stain cleaner that discourages pets from staining in the same area over and over again. Some carpet cleaning companies will sprinkle crystals on your carpet and then use a special machine to force those crystals down to the bottom of the fibers to attract the dirt. We are carpet cleaning experts who want to be sure you are happy with the quality of our cleaning job. It can take longer to sell a home if you are showing it with stains on your floors. When we clean your carpet you will never need to worry about carpet that stretches out of shape.

Our micro sponges used to clean your carpet will absorb ten times their weight in dirt from your carpet. Whether you need one office cleaned or your entire building, we can do it for you. Cleaning your concrete by the pool can be a difficult job, unless you call us and we power wash and dry it for you. We can clean the floors in your entire house, so call us today for an estimate. We can check the material on your furniture to make sure we can clean it safely for you.

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